folknazi (folknazi) wrote,

My Own Private Bandwagon

          I know I haven't been up on the latest TV bandwagons(Lost,Smallville,
Heroes,American Idol,etc.),but  last night,I climbed aboard my own private
bandwagon. It's called "The Black Donnelys"(NBC,10pm,Monday).From
the creative mind of screenwriter/director Paul Haggis(Million Dollar Baby,
Crash,Flags of Our Fathers,Letters From Iwo Jima) it tells the tale of a family
of Irish underworld figures,and the artistically gifted brother,who tries to steer
them towards redemption,but is doomed to follow in their footsteps. It has
well written characters,earthy dialog,gritty cinematography,and a shaggy dog sense of humor(My favorite line:"A lot of people think all us Irish are good for
is drinkin' and fightin'.It makes me wanna get drunk and hit somebody").It also had some moments of brutal violence,but such is the nature of the world it depicts.If you missed the pilot last night(Mon.)I would recommend
picking up on it next week.It's a good show to heal up from foot surgery to!
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