folknazi (folknazi) wrote,

A Quick Post


          OK,a quick post , because the Dr. doesn't want me sitting at the computer for too long---

    1. Happy anniversary weaselusrex and ardias.Thanks again for letting me be a being part of your wedding.

     2. Had  surgery AGAIN on the left foot on Jan.6. Hopefully this will solve the diabetic ulcer problems.

      3. For fans of that wonderful all girl string band Uncle Earl--Rounder Records has a promotional video
           on YOUTUBE  a "behind the scenes" thing for their latest CD "Waterloo,Tenn."  It features CD producer
John Paul Jones(yes that's right, he of Led Zeppelin reknown) at one point playing a boogie--Woogie version
of "Misty Mountain Hop" on piano.And a tiny cameo by Gillian Welch. And if you don't have a copy of 
"Waterloo,Tenn." by Uncle Earl---


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