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                   The folks at Shout Factory Music and Video(the same folks who ran Rhino Music
and Video,and sold it to Time--Warner for a nice sized chunk of cash) have released all 19
episodes of the now legendary ABC series "My So-Called Life" on DVD. Best known for launch-
-ing Claire Danes' acting career in earnest,it was in my humble opinion one of the best written
and most well acted shows in the history of network television(which explains why ABC cancelled it
after only 19 episodes). It comes in the usual boxed set with book and commentaries from famous
fans like Janene Garofalo and Joss Whedon. It's list price is $70.00,but if you get it from Amazon
it's only $45.00. If you're interested.

          Also for you Beatles fans,Capitol has released "Help",the Mop Tops 2nd film (yes the one in color) on DVD. It also comes in a box,with a second disc of I'm assuming extras,outakes and
the like(I wonder if there's any shots of them smoking the copious amounts of pot that they par-
took of during filming). List price is $29.99,Amazon price: $21.99. Again,if you're interested.
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