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Moving images on a screen.

                  On  Oct.3rd, Sony Pictures Classics(cause it ain't a classic unless it's a SONY PICTURES classic.)
will release "Rachel Getting Married",directed by Jonathan Demme,acted by Ann Hathaway,Debra Winger
Bill Irwin,and bunch of other talented folks.I found out about this film by reading a review in "Rolling Stone".
Normally, I don't put much stock in film or music reviews(especially the ones in "Rolling Jello"),but this one made me curious enough to check out the trailer(at am now so curious,I plan to
to see said film this weekend.Anyone who would like to accompany me can contact me at

              I think it would be cool to see some thing that is an actual film and  not a fucking glorified amusement
park ride(did I actually say that,SOOOOOOO SORRY).






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